Mountain horror stories

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Mountain horror stories

A young boy is sleeping in his bed on a usual night. He hears footsteps outside his door, and peeks out of his eyes to see what is happening.

mountain horror stories

His door swings open quietly to reveal a murderer carrying the corpses of his parents. After silently propping them up on a chair, he writes something on the wall in the blood of the dead bodies. He then hides under the childs bed. The child is scared beyond belief. He lays still as the bodies, quietly hearing the breathes from under his bed.

An hour passes, and his eyes are adjusting more and more to the darkness. He gasps when he finally makes out the sentence. Mommy told me never to go in the basement, but I wanted to see what was making that noise. It kind of sounded like a puppy, and I wanted to see the puppy, so I opened the basement door and tiptoed down a bit. Mommy had never yelled at me before, and it made me sad and I cried. Then Mommy told me never to go into the basement again, and she gave me a cookie.

I used to work weekend nights and my wife would always be home alone with her car in the driveway.

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One particular Saturday, I was at work and my wife happened to go out with her friend. Her friend picked her up, so her car was still in the driveway.

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When I got home at am, the power to the house was out. I went to check the circuit breaker and saw that the padlock on it had been cut. I promptly went inside and called Here is the conclusion I have come to though I'm open to alternatives. Someone had been watching us for a while and knew our habits.

That Saturday, they saw her car in the driveway and my car gone. They cut the lock and threw the circuit breaker. This would have baited her outside. She would have been outside with the front door unlocked and quite vulnerable. I bought a nice bottle of wine for her friend and a shotgun for the house.

A man leaves his house every morning to walk to work and passes a mental hospital surrounded by a wooden fence.

mountain horror stories

Every morning the patients are out in the yard and he can hear them saying in unison. When I was a child my family moved to a big old two-floor house, with big empty rooms and creaking floorboards.

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Both my parents worked so I was often alone when I came home from school. One early evening when I came home the house was still dark. I jumped back, startled and ran down the stairs to her, but as I glanced back from the top of the stairs, the door to the room slowly opened a crack.

mountain horror stories

Read it here. I check into small hotel a few kilometers from Kiev.

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It is late.Mount Everest is renowned as the highest mountain on Earth. Even surrounded by the remains of those who came before them, new climbers continue to make their own tracks.

mountain horror stories

Unfortunately, he suffered from altitude sickness and ultimately died from high-altitude pulmonary edema HAPE. According to the American Astronomical Societyhis body was left on the mountain per his own request prior to heading out on his mission. The couple gave up on their own journey to assist her, but it was already too late.

After two unsuccessful attempts with groups in and that cost David a few of his toes to frostbite, he made his third and final journey in all on his own. He was determined to make the trek without supplemental oxygen and minimal equipment. Eight Summit explains how his death caused controversy due to the fact that at least 40 other climbers were recorded passing him by. Both men mysteriously disappeared during the journey, likely due to severe weather conditions, according to Telegraph.

She was feet from the peak, making her descent, when she became too exhausted to continue. Her body was discovered frozen in a reclining position. His body has never been found, and the cause of his assumed death remains a mystery. However, his family is still left with questions after Michael disappeared during his descent.

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He has been presumed dead. Thomas knew it was risky, but he wanted to raise awareness for those stricken by blindness. His plan was to fly to the highest point and walk right up to the summit, but according to the BBChe lacked any actual flying experience or climbing experience.

After several bumbled treks to and from the base, George never returned. His body was found buried in snow a year later. A hefty blizzard struck while the group was making their ascent, costing the lives of Scott and seven other members of his team. According to Strange Remainsother climbers will occasionally attempt to push them to a better resting place, but several are impossible to budge.

At 47 years old, Yasuko was the oldest woman to make the journey up Everest at the time. Thank you! Get the best LittleThings.One evening she wouldn't stop scratching the door for any reason. After calling her five times, I threw a pillow towards the door to make her stop. That's when she barked She'd been next to me the whole time.

They walked quietly up to my bed and one stood on each side of my headboard, looking at me. I would cover my head with the blanket, until one day I had the courage to tell my mother. She put a lamp in my room and told me to pray and ask them to leave. I sleep with a lamp on all night to this day. I took this photo to show some other friends who were in another classroom. When I took the photo, nobody in the room was standingthere was nobody behind me who could have cast a shadow, and there was nobody walking by in the classroom.

We slept in a bunk bed, and my brother had the upper bunk, while I had the lower one. One night, I woke up in the middle of the night with someone softly caressing my head. I thought it was my brother and ignored it. When I went back to sleep, the feeling returned. I got out of bed to confront my brother, but he was snoring quietly. I went back to bed and the caressing began a third time.

I've never prayed so hard in my life. I prayed until sunrise the next morning. One day I felt a strange presence in the bedroom. I had my eyes closed and when I opened them, I saw hands wrapped around the bed from underneath. The hands were made of blood, bone, and hanging skinand they tried to climb up the bed. I turned away and there was a white "shadow" lying next to me.

I managed, after a loooong time, to get up and run to my grandmother's room. She didn't dare come back to the bedroom with me. She died on the sofa in our house one Sunday night. The following week, I started to see someone in white passing through the house occasionally, and when I went looking for them, there was never anyone there. My sister claimed that she actually saw physical forms.

We were terrified for a good whileuntil my sister and I could no longer sleep in our rooms because we were too afraid. My mother prayed, burned the couch in the backyard, and we never saw anything again. When I opened my eyes there was a man standing in front of me, with a big brown beard, dark hair, and black clothes.

I kept looking at him in fear and backed away on the bed until I was up against the wall. Then I felt the mattress sink down beside me and I started to cry. When I looked again, he had vanished, but it still seemed as if there were someone lying next to me on the bed.North Carolina's mountains are full of phantoms, spooks, haunts, haints, weird creatures and crazy happenings.

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The hills are filled with classic ghost stories, and with places to go to seek out the unusual and paranormal. We've got demon dogs, haunted hot springs, mysterious lights, stories and songs to keep folk singers and storytellers busy forever.

Enjoy some of these great stories from high up on the ridges and hills, and low down in the dark and deep valleys. Home Stories from the Mountains.

22 Unbelievable But Real Horror Stories That Will Scare The S#!* Out Of You

Stories From the North Carolina Mountains North Carolina's mountains are full of phantoms, spooks, haunts, haints, weird creatures and crazy happenings. The Story of Boojum and Hootin' Annie. The Brown Mountain Lights. The Demon Dog of Valle Crucis. The Haunted Hot Springs. The Moon-Eyed People. The Siren of the French Broad. Judaculla Rock. The Ghost of East Hall. The Legend of Tom Dooley. The Legend of Blowing Rock.

The Ghosts of the Biltmore House. The Phantom Hiker of Grandfather Mountain. The Chimney Rock Apparitions. The Ghost of Chicken Alley. The Cat.These meter peaks also hold a dark side for climbers, however, and there are just as many stories of hardship, defeat, and death on the summits. Among these tales are a surprising number of accounts of the strange, ghostly, and supernatural.

To begin with, the atmosphere on the tallest peaks can be somewhat grim. Death is a constant possibility to be reckoned with for climbers on the highest peaks of the Himalayas and the Karakoram range, which spans Pakistan, India, and China. Over people have died climbing Everest, and due to the impossibility of retrieving the fallen, the majority of bodies are left frozen on the slopes indefinitely, turning the mountains into a high-altitude cemetery.

Some of the bodies remain visible, lying close enough to the main routes that climbers are obliged to step over them. The Sherpas, without whose help so many ascents of Himalayan mountains would be impossible, view the Himalayas as both the embodiment and the realm of gods. Some feel that disrespect for their sacred mountain has led to both bad karma and to restless spirits. Pemba says that the shapes were the ghosts of climbers who died on the mountain, and that as the shapes approached him they held out their hands, begging for something to eat.

Pemba and other Sherpas believe the ghosts will continue to haunt the mountain until a proper funeral rite can be performed for their souls. The scientifically minded feel that ghostly sightings above meters have a much more logical explanation.

The detrimental effects of time spent in the Death Zone are well-known. At high altitude, temperatures far below freezing inflict frostbite, sleep becomes difficult, and reflected light causes snow-blindness.

Perhaps worst of all, though, the lack of atmospheric pressure and attendant low oxygen concentration about 30 percent of that at sea level can cause altitude sickness and High Altitude Cerebral Edema, or HACE.

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In the latter condition, the brain swells, leading to hampered speech and mental function, poor decision-making, impaired coordination, hallucinations, and loss of touch with reality. The incident is considered one of the worst-ever mountaineering disasters. Krakauer, descending in the midst of the mounting storm, at one point thought he encountered his teammate Andy Harris, only to discover later that he had seen an entirely different person, and that Harris had died up on the mountain.

Low oxygen and other physical stresses can also account for a common phenomenon in which mountaineers report the sense of an additional, phantom person. Dougal Haston and Doug Scott, members of a British expedition up Everest, describe a horrific night spent just below the summit with no food and problems with their oxygen supply. The men are said to have sensed a third climber with them in their snow hole, a comforting presence that talked them through their ordeal.

Climber Hermann Buhl experienced something similar on his first-ever ascent of Nanga Parbat inas did Joe Simpson, whose ordeal escaping death in the Andes is described in Touching the Void. British climber Frank Smythewho attempted Everest several times in the s, may have the most colorful story, however. He describes encountering two presences, the first being a benign one that seemed so real he offered it some of his mint cake. Later, he encountered strange hovering objects, one of which had "what looked like squat, underdeveloped wings, whilst the other had a beak-like protuberance like the spout of a teakettle.

They distinctly pulsated … as though they possessed some horrible quality of life. An experiment conducted by a Swiss team in and reported in Current Biology seems to confirm this. Not all mountaineering ghost stories can be explained away so easily, however.There are more insane true stories of mountain climbers out there than you can count. Unfortunately, more than a couple of these stories end with climbers losing their lives doing what they love. Everest, K2, Nanga Parbat, and many more of the world's tallest peaks are the settings for some of the most insane mountain climbing stories you'll ever hear.

Mountain climbing injuries of all kinds are incredibly frequent and you'll be amazed at some of the incredible things that these climbers have lived through. Of course, for every crazy mountain climbing story with a happy ending, there's another with a considerably less happy ending. Perhaps the saddest parts of this list aren't the stories about death, but what happened after the stories about survival and heroism. Too many of the great men and women on this list went on to die at young ages - some from illness or circumstances unrelated to climbing, but most as a result of future mountain climbing accidents.

From Hermann Buhl to Anatoli Boukreev, many of these climbers could only avoid death so many times. Fortunately, not all of these mountain climbing tales end in tragedy.

Some of these men and women lived well into old age and others are still alive today. For some, it was the birth of their children that convinced them to come down the mountain; for others, they merely survived time and time again until they had had enough. No matter how these stories end, they all help to paint the picture of just what it means to be a mountain climber. Joe Simpson Crawled for Five Miles. Pete Schoening and the Belay.If you have talked to hikers, you have probably heard all kinds of hiking horror stories — maybe you have one of your own?

One thing these stories have in common is they happened to experienced and newbie hikers alike. Usually they result from ignoring some important information or becoming over-confident.

The first story we are going to talk about took place on Memorial Day weekend, several years ago. Since we are rapidly approaching Memorial Weekend again, it seems like an appropriate time to bring this up.

When the weather is nice at the onset, you do not expect to encounter bad weather while out on your trek. As we have said many times, weather can change very quickly in the mountains.

13 Of The Worst Horror Stories Climbers Endured On Mount Everest

Mt Evans in the Rocky Mountains - photo by Robertbody at en. It was then, when they made it to the top, that they realized the way back down was going to be different than expected. So we found the highest, driest spot. They were found in the morning, and Melissa McQueen was airlifted out and brought to the hospital. She lost 8 toes, and had to spend 3 months in a wheelchair.

The longer and higher your excursion, the more important it is to take precautions. Bring extra socks. Space blankets are extremely lightweight but can help to keep you warm.

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And keep watching weather conditions — if they seem to be changing quickly, consider cutting your hike short — better safe than sorry as the saying goes!

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